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Street sanding begins to melt ice on roads


DURANT -- As rain froze to sleet that eventually turned into snow Tuesday, the Durant Public Works Department went to work and let KTEN tag along.

Tim Henson works in the street maintenance division.

"I'm going to do some chipping on the bridges and the spots that are icy," Henson said.

But before the two-man crew heads out to de-ice Durant bridges and roads, they created a mixture in the back of two trucks.

The mixture includes chips of gravel topped with chemical ice pellets that Henson says interacts to melt ice on the roads and bridges.

"It'll keep the ice off the bridges, so it'll keep the ice down and it won't be so slick," he said.

Once the mixture was complete, Henson headed to the Mineral Bayou Bridge.

One of the trucks spews the ice melt mixture onto the bridge that allows vehicle tires to stay better grounded.

Anyone who comes across black ice on the road is asked to contact state or local authorities to let them know.