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Stuck Truck Removed From Bryan County Highway


BRYAN COUNTY, TX -- A stuck truck has been removed from the side of a busy highway, after the driver smashed the tractor trailer through a very narrow space under a bridge.

The driver was headed south near Colbert on Friday afternoon, with the Red River bridge in his sights, when his truck swerved into the ditch, and he crashed through the narrow part of an overpass.

"At first I thought it was a train back here taking off -- when he takes off he makes a bunch of noise back there -- but there wasn't a train back there," says neighbor George Meserole.
"My neighbor went down there to look and see, and found out there was a big crash."

Tow truck operator Gerald Cole was working to get the trailer off the side of Highway 69/75, and just feet away from cars zooming by, it was no easy task. "A lot of traffic and no room to work, so that's our biggest problem," says Cole. "We're going to pull this trailer around and get it off the highway, and then see if we can load it on another trailer."

Cole and his men towed the truck's trailer off the exit ramp on Saturday afternoon. The impact crunched the trailer, but the cab of the truck where the driver was sitting remained almost intact, and he was able to walk away from the crash on Friday.

"It's amazing that he's still okay, still walking, he's lucky, real lucky to be alive," says Cole's Garage employee Jeremy Sheffield.

"How'd he do it? I don't understand that," says Sandra Cole. "It's tore up, I'll say that."

Meserole says that Friday was not the first time there has been a wreck at the River Road overpass, and he says not everyone has been so lucky as this driver. "Straight stretch of road, I don't know how they manage to hit it, but they all manage to run into it," says Meserole. "It's amazing he didn't get hurt, because it's a pretty tight fit."

Colbert police officer David Boes says the driver told him that he coughed and all of a sudden ran off the roadway, and that he was surprised the driver made it out, because when he pulled up to the scene, he thought it would be much worse.

Cole says he and his workers spent much of the night unloading pallets of bug spray from the trailer, which lost its wheels. Boes says Colbert officers did not issue any tickets. Another truck came to pick up the merchandise.