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Six year old empties piggy bank for a child in need


BONHAM, TX - After learning that the paper angels on the Christmas tree at the store were kids who might not get anything for Christmas, this little girl decided she knew exactly how she wanted to spend her piggy bank money she'd been saving for a year.


Meet 6 year old Carlie Spohn.

Just a few weeks ago she did something that most kids her age wouldn't even think about.

"It's just wonderful when anybody is generous and helps us out, but it's especially heart warming when you see kids reaching out and helping other kids," said Fannin County Children's Center Executive Director, Sandy Barber.

Her piggy bank is pretty empty right now, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

After a year of saving up change, she finally got to spend it on anything she wanted.

But when she found out some kids might not get any presents for Christmas, she told her step mom she wanted to help.

"We went to the Walmart here in Bonham and they have the teddy bears and she looked through a few of them and she saw one for a little girl 6 years old like she is, and so that's the one she chose," said Step Mom, Heather Spohn.

"Cause I wanted her to have a present." C

Carlie isn't much of a talker, but Fannin County Children's Center Executive Director, Sandy Barber, says her kindness gives them hope for the future.

 "They'll eventually grow up and be the adults that will help keep organizations like this going and so we like to see that parents are teaching kids about that kind of stuff."

And Spohn, says Carlie is already saving up change, to help another kid, next Christmas.

"It let's me know that she understands the true meaning of Christmas is really about helping others and that's what she likes about it, that she gets to get a present for someone who may otherwise not have one."