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Free towing services begin for holiday revelers


VAN ALSTYNE -- A mangled mass of metal is what's left of an alleged drunk driving accident that Larry Adams says happened just a few weeks ago.

Larry Adams says the driver of the car lived, but he know many between now and the end of the year won't be as lucky.

The car is now inside the tow yard at his Van Alstyne business, Adams Automotive and Towing.

Adams says seeing first-hand the impact drinking and driving can have is the reason he started a program called the Holiday Haul.

Starting Sunday, December 23 through December 25, tow truck drivers with the business will be on standby to pick up people who've had too much to drink, along with their vehicles, and drop them off at home. The service resumes December 30 through January 2.

The service is free up to 10 miles in Grayson County and just $2 every mile after that.

"If we can save one life it's worth it. If we save two or three, it's worth it, if people will take the risk to pick the phone up and take that risk of calling instead of taking the risk of driving," Adams said.

For drivers in Oklahoma, AAA Tipsy Tow begins Friday, December 21, 2012 at 6pm in Ardmore, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The complimentary service lasts through January 2.

At an event at TxDOT's travel information center near the Oklahoma border, state and local law enforcement also drove home the message Friday to not drink and drive, and encouraged people to give the gift of a designated driver.

The phone number for Adams Automotive and Towing is 903-482-5784. Adams says callers must request the "Holiday Haul."

AAA's Tipsy Tow can be reached at -800-AAA-HELP [222-4357].