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A Soldier Surprise, Mother Returns Home for the Holidays


DURANT, OK--- It was a holiday homecoming for United States Army Soldier Jennifer Rodriguez's family. Rodriguez came home tonight to the open arms of her two boys, Jason and Josef, after being away for a year.  

The boys had no idea that their mom would be among the dozens of people who attended tonight's program, but when they did realize their mom was present, their reaction was something words can't describe.

It was a night filled with singing, laughing and cheer and little did the boys know, what they wanted most for Christmas was near.

"They miss her a lot. They want her for Christmas," said Rodriguez's mother Linda Gothard.

They had been staying with their grandma since December, while their mother served her second tour in Afghanistan.

"I'm so proud of her," Josef Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says the 12 months leading up to seeing her sons were painfully slow, but now only a few minutes of waiting remained.

"I hope they scream and run to me," said Rodriguez.

After what seemed like forever, the wait was finally over. A Christmas wish had come true for the two little boys.  They had received the gift they wanted most, something way better then toys.