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Denison House Fire Starts Near Fireplace


DENISON, TX -- A couple and three children are burned out of a house that the family has owned for two decades, and firefighters believe it started near a relatively new fireplace.

Family members say they started a fire in their two-year-old fireplace Thursday morning and nothing appeared out of the ordinary, until a few hours later. 

Denison resident Carla Tate watched as smoke poured from her home of 21 years. She says she smelled something unusual around noon, but could not pinpoint where it was coming from, until she heard a strange noise.

"My youngest daughter said, 'Mom, I hear some popping and so we turned the TV down and when I heard that, then I instantly walked outside and I could already see it was smoking really bad,'" says Tate.

"My mom just went outside and she said there was smoke coming out of the house," says resident Victoria Tate.

Carla Tate says she rushed upstairs to see what was going on. "My son opened the attic door and when he did, the air hit it, and when it did it just took off," says Tate.

"The flames had just begin to break out as we arrived, mostly was smoke coming out of the attic," says Denison assistant fire chief Bill Ray. "Once it burned through the attic, then we could see flames."

Tate says there was a fire burning in the fireplace, and Ray says the fire came from that area. "It started around the fireplace itself and somehow was allowed to escape the flue into the structure itself," says Ray.

Family members say they just made some additions upstairs, and the fireplace itself is only about two years old, but now instead of enjoying the new renovations, they are left wondering whether they will ever be able to live in the house again.

"All you could see, just smoke billowing out of the top of the roof," says sister Sheila Tumey. Tumey says she lives near the Flowers Drive home, and she got a frantic call and rushed over, helping look for several loose pets.

"We got all them at the first and there was two that was left in the house, a ferret and one of their older dogs, but they're safe now the firemen, they found them and got them out," says Tumey.

The downstairs part of the house is partly intact, but has smoke and water damage. A Red Cross volunteer showed up to help the family.