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North Texas Suburbs Could Soon Have Access to Lake Texoma Water Again


TEXAS -- North Texas water districts could soon be getting water from Lake Texoma again. The districts were prevented from taking water out of the lake in 2009 because of the presence of zebra mussels.

However, that could soon be changing. Last night the U.S. Senate approved a measure that includes restoring the water supply from Lake Texoma to the North Texas Municipal Water District and Greater Texoma Utility Authority.

The bill was sponsored by Senator John Cornyn.

Senator Cornyn says, "Reopening the pump will provide water to more than 1.5 million people in North Texas."     

The pumping station near Grandpappy Point was originally shut down to prevent the zebra mussels from crossing state lines. However, the new bill provides an exemption for this law, as long as the zebra mussels are removed to prevent further contamination in other areas.

The pumping station has a treatment process the water goes through to remove the zebra muscles before being distributed to water district members. If the House of Representatives passes the bill later this week, North Texans would be able to get water again from Lake Texoma lifting some of the area's water restrictions.