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Gun sales spike following shooting in Connecticut


DURANT -- Since Friday's shooting at a Connecticut school, there has been pressure from high-level lawmakers and protestors calling for stricter gun laws.

That has led to an increase in assault rifles sales at stores like Uncle Stew's Guns and Outdoors in downtown Durant. It sold the same model weapon allegedly used in the shooting, a Bushmaster AR-15, shortly after doors opened up Monday.

"They just they think that an assault rifle ban is coming," store owner Lee Nickles said.

Nickles says he's having a tough time keeping up with demand for assault rifles following a series of recent tragedies, and disagrees with the idea that any ban would help avoid them in the future.

"I believe that it is our right to own them," he said. "If only unlawful people can own things like that that we're putting ourself in danger."

The already is getting a response from at least one local lawmaker. Representative Mark McCullough from Oklahoma announced Monday he's drafting a new bill that would allow teachers to carry firearms to school if they go through training.

KTEN will follow the bill's progress let you know how it develops.