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Whitewright Student Speaks Out Against Racial Bullying


WHITEWRIGHT, TX--- Whitewright High School is at the center of some disturbing allegations about the racist bullying of a 17-year-old student. The girl says she's been tormented by classmates for the last year and that now it's only getting worse.

"I haven't done anything to anyone so I don't understand why I'm being targeted," the 17-year-old said.

The high school senior says the bullying has gone on for months, but that it escalated last week when she found a disturbing picture on her locker. She says the picture is what forced her to speak up and turn to the school faculty and police.

She says the tormenting began last year through social media sites.

"On Facebook they would just talk a bunch of crap," she said.

But recently, she says the bullying has turned racial. She says last week she left her planner in one of the school's hallways only to find a racial slur written on it when she came back to get it. This week, she says she was targeted again when a picture of her and two friends was taken from her locker and later returned with disturbing drawings on it. She says someone drew a noose around her neck.

"They had me hanging with a rope around my neck and they drew playful mustaches on my friends faces," she said.

She says she reported the incident to the Whitewright High School principal and Whitewright Police Department, but feels that they aren't taking her seriously.

"I just think they really don't care or they feel like it's not a big enough matter," she said.  

Whitewright ISD Superintendent Steve Arthur says this isn't true. He says the school district has questioned three suspects and pulled surveillance video of the school's hallways to try and find out who is responsible. He says the tape didn't show anything and so far they have no leads.

"For them to tell me that they don't see anything on the video tape, I don't believe it because they see a janitor move her notebook and set it down. If they can see that then they ought to be able to see who put the notebook there," the girl's father said.

Arthur says that the school is still investigating and that anyone found responsible for these incidents will be punished. He stresses that the school does not take these matters lightly.

Whitewright police say an initial report has been filed and that they are currently looking at four suspects.