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Denison Football Field Set For Big Makeover


DENISON, TX -- It is out with the old as plans get underway to demolish the city's football stadium after more than 70 years, replacing it with a new facility.

Denison Independent School District officials are ready to get started on the project, but they are still seeking some funds. After so many years, they do not want to wait any longer to make the dream of a new stadium into a reality.

The current Munson Stadium carries the name of a man who helped found Denison, and the legacy of football seasons and graduations past, but cracking stone and peeling paint reveals its age.

"Grandfather donated the money to build the stadium as best I know, and with that name, it either needs to be a thing of pride or we need to change," says lawyer Ben Munson, a great-grandson of W.B. Munson.

The W.B. Munson Foundation donated $1 million, and along with $3 million from Denison ISD, the district is still looking for $800,000 to complete a new $5 million home for the Yellow Jackets.

"I just want to see it happen, I just feel like it's time," says superintendent Dr. Henry Scott. "All of our other facilities are going to be great, up-to-date, and this is the last thing that we've got to deal with."

Scott says plans call for an elevator on the new stands, and a new field house for home and visiting teams to replace the two current field houses.

"Right now, we have teams that come to the area and they dress before they get here because they can't utilize our facilities," says former mayor Robert Brady, co-chairman of a committee to raise funds for the stadium.

"It looks good already, but if they are going to upgrade it, might as well, my kids are going to go to that school," says resident Luis Arceo.

The district plans to start the construction process with the demolition of the home stands next December at the end of the next football season. Meanwhile, the visitor stands will remain in place.

"One of the important things to us is our image," says Brady. "We're competing with people down south, if you go look at Frisco, Allen, McKinney."

"If you watch this car go over the bump in the road, you'll see that's where the money needs to go," says resident Scott Wilson. "This isn't Allen, this is an old town."

According to the school district, an anonymous donor gave $150,000 for the project and the Denison Development Foundation gave $50,000. The project is set to be finished in August 2014, around the time of the new high school off Highway 75. According to a sign, Munson Stadium was built by Works Progress Administration workers from 1938 to 1940.