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An ECU Student Remembers Murder Victim and Suspect


Today an ECU student and his mother reflect on the day that they both say they'll never forget. The day an ECU student took the life of a peer.

Friends of Generro Sanchez an ECU student killed Thursday are still trying to figure out why another ECU student took his life.

"Nobody was too shocked about the fact that he was the one that would do something like that, it was a shock that it was Generro because he was such a great guy" says Dylan Neher.

Dylan Neher says Jerrod Murray showed signs of suspicious activity on campus, but he couldn't imagine him taking another student's life.

"He told me he knew how to make a bomb that would blow up the whole campus and people did not take him serious because he was kind of crazy, it doesn't surprise me because he did seem very smart but he couldn't control it" according to Neher. 

Dylan's mother, Sommer Maytubby says as a college freshman, she knew her son would experience many firsts, but she says this situation, neither of them were prepared for.

"My son called me to tell me what happened and I made him repeat himself 3 times" says Maytubby. 

At that moment both mother and son realized just how fortunate they were.

"Just a lot of what-ifs go through your mind and it really makes you realize how quickly in your life things can change"

Despite what Dylan and his mother had to face, they're thoughts and prayers right now, are with the victims family.