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Drought Conditions are Hurting Wheat in Texoma


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The drought is really starting to take its toll on all of Texoma and no one is hurting more than the farmers and ranchers.  

Scott Renfro has been farming in Grayson County for the last ten years. He is one of many farmers with a stressed wheat crop right now.

"The wheat is really in a point of hurting because we don't have the moisture we would normally have this time of year ... normally right now it would probably be up about 6, 7, or 8 inches tall, right now its probably two maybe three," explains Renfro.

"I've talked to several producers and between 50-75%, maybe even as high as 90% of the crop seems to be in very poor condition. The farmers are even telling me its really critical to see what's going to happen in the next 3 to 4 weeks. They have to have a rain event," says Chuck Jones, the Grayson County Agricultural Extension Agent.

If Renfro's wheat doesn't get rain soon it could be devastating.

"If it doesn't rain, it could be a potential loss."

"There's a real strong possibility there might not be a wheat crop in Grayson County this year"  explains Jones.

The loss of the wheat crop would do more than just hurt farmers.

"It kind of makes a domino effect and in the end we all pay for it as a consumer because if that commodity is not there then our prices go up at the grocery store," explains Renfro.

Lack of rain is not the only problem Renfro is having with his wheat.

"And along with dealing with this drought we are dealing with some hog damage. I've got some spots out in this field where the hogs are out there rooting around in it, where they are just trying to get out and find something to eat."

Only a little rain is needed at this point.

"A little bit of rain would really be helpful. Wheat is resilient, it can sit there and it can wait a little while for moisture," explains Jones.

Renfro says a good slow soaking rain would be best.

"I'm hoping and praying. It will test your faith in farming."