Troopers Warn Drivers About Driving Over Holiday Season - - No One Gets You Closer

Troopers Warn Drivers About Driving Over Holiday Season


The first sighting of snow and ice, and the conditions of the of roadways left some drivers and cars in bad condition

"This morning most of those accidents were caused by people that were not driving at speeds reasonable for the condition of the roadways , the roadways themselves were pretty much in good shape this morning, but the bridges did ice over at about 4 a.m."

By midday troopers at Oklahoma Highway Patrol took over 47 calls about accidents and worked 21 accidents to include one fatality. It appeared that drivers were moving too fast.

"So leaving early would allow them to drive slower, react, and anticipate the bridges and underpasses freezing" according to troopers.

Troopers say now is a good time to talk with drivers about safety and preparing for your drive.

"We need to ensure you keep a full tank of gas, that you have a flash light, that if you have a cell phone that it is charged or you have a charger, take some extra food, blankets, and water in case you become stranded"

Mechanics say you should also make sure your car is prepared to tackle the weather conditions and conditions of the road

"Probably one of the important things to do on a car is to have the tire pressure checked, it's very important for your tires to run the right pressure, in the winter time the colder temperatures change the pressure, the second thing to do is to make sure your car is working  so you don't have to walk" said mechanic Johnny Hogan.

troopers say, don't forget the simple things.

"remember to wear your seatbelt, your seatbelt is your friend especially if you get in a collision"