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ECU Student Confesses to Murdering Fellow Classmate


POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, OK - The family of a teen who confessed to murdering a classmate early Thursday spoke out about what happened.

Deputies say 18 year old Jerrod Murray is in custody. They say he killed a fellow Cast Central University student in Pottawatomie County.

Murray's family says he was a dark and eccentric person.  His cousin says while she's shocked by this horrific crime she's not surprised. 

"So smart he's crazy." Crazy enough to murder an innocent classmate and then admit it to authorities. 

"We actually have the suspect in custody and the suspect has given us information that has incriminated himself," said Pottawatomie authorities.

A court affidavit reveals Murray lured his victim by offering to pay for a ride to Walmart, but instead pointed a gun and forced him to drive 5 miles north of Asher.

Despite the victim's pleas for his life, Murray shot him multiple times and then left him in a ditch.

The Pottawatomie County Sheriff was overcome by the viciousness of the murder.  "This boy was 18 years old…it.  I have deputies with kids that age." (tears up…)

According to court documents, when the a sheriff's deputy asked if he had a gun he answered "no sir it's in the truck, and i'm the guy you're after." Then the deputy asked Murray why he'd be after him, and Murray replied "cause of the guy i shot and put in the ditch on substation road."

Murray's cousin says she is praying for the victim's family.  "Praying for the family."

The victim and Murray were both students at East Central University in Ada. The Sheriff says that the victim's name will not be released until all of his family has been notified.