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Convicted Murderer On Loose After Atoka Co. Escape


ATOKA COUNTY, OK -- An escaped convict remains on the run more than two days after officials say he was not present for a routine early-morning roll call check. 

Drivers on Highway 69/75 cannot help but notice the Mack Alford Correctional Center, and those who stop for gas nearby are finding out about an inmate who escaped.

"There's always somebody managing to get away somewhere or other, if you've got enough determination you'll do whatever you want to do," says truck driver Rodney Trambly.

"Why was he in a minimax prison, because that's a murderer?" says truck driver Bobby Reed. 

In 2007, escapee Jason Bales, 29, was sentenced to life without parole. Bales was convicted of killing his teenage girlfriend's mother, Stepheny Glass, in Oklahoma City. The body was reportedly found doused in acid and buried in a shallow grave near the Oklahoma River.

"We are just all involved in the investigation," says acting assistant to the warden Cindy Lowe. "Our primary goal is to catch the offender and have him secured and our whole goal our whole focus here is on nothing but that."

According to the Department of Corrections, prison officials noticed Bales was missing during a routine cell-by-cell count at 7:15 on Monday morning when he simply was not there. Since then, multiple law enforcement agencies have shown up to help search for him.

"We're in the process of exploring every possible lead that comes available, we have our CERT teams out, we have Oklahoma Highway Patrol, we have tracking dogs," says Lowe.

According to DOC spokesman Jerry Massie, the fence was not cut and there was no blood on the razor wire. There may be two methods he used to escape, but Massie says they do not want to go into detail unless he is caught.

In June, an inmate serving a 20-year burglary sentence also escaped from the medium security prison. After about a day and a half, he was found at the closest store. "We've had them come up behind the back door and things before when they get loose," says convenience store employee Rhonda Loudermilk.

According to Lowe, the prison currently has 813 inmates and employees are following all security procedures to prevent any other escapes.