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First Case of Flu in Grayson County Confirmed


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX---The Grayson County Health Department has confirmed their first case of the flu this season. Health officials made the announcement early this morning. They say the first case involves a two-year-old from Sherman.

They say the toddler had been showing signs of the flu and was running a 102 degree fever when they tested positive for the virus last Wednesday. Now Grayson County officials are urging community members to get vaccinated as soon as possible. They say they have specific shots for people who are considered at a high risk for getting the flu.

"The strain of the vaccine that was created for this upcoming flu season has proven to be very effective to the actual strains of flu that individuals are getting," Grayson County Health Director John Teel said.

People at high-risk include young children, adults over 65-years-old and people with chronic health conditions.