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Police investigate the death of a 3 year old Denison girl


DENISON, TX - A 3 year old Denison girl died Thursday night, and police say the stories family members have given just aren't adding up.

Police say Wednesday night the little girl had to be rushed to TMC from a Denison neighborhood.

The next night, her injuries were so serious she had to be flown to Dallas Children's Hospital, where she later died.

As investigators try to figure out what really happened, neighbors are reeling from the news.

On Wednesday night a 3 year old girl who once lived on this street in Denison, was taken from her home in an ambulance, and never came back.

"I heard an ambulance come over in the neighborhood, and I didn't see what house it was but I knew something had happened because they were real quick to leave," said a neighbor.

Though police have not confirmed what house the girl lived in, they did say it was on Mundt Street, so we visited the area to hear what people had to say.

A lot of people around here say they heard sirens Wednesday night and some of the neighbors we talked to say they heard the little girl fell and hit her head.

They didn't want to go on camera, but told us the family has always been nice, quiet and kept to themselves.

But TMC staff called police Wednesday night because they said the stories they were being told by the girl's family members didn't make sense with her injuries.

"Just some of the things we're hearing and seeing just, just aren't adding up," said Denison Police Lieutenant, Mike Eppler.

On Thursday night the little girl had to be flown to the Dallas Children's Hospital for further treatment.

She died later that night, leaving police and the community with a lot of questions.

"I'm shocked that anybody would treat a child that way, there's lots of places you can take them and put them on a door step like a church," said a neighbor.

"It's still under investigation. We've talked to several people and we still have several more to talk to," said Lieutenant Eppler.

No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

At this point investigators say they're waiting for a report from the Dallas Medical Examiners Office.