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Sherman Gym Organizes Special Workout


SHERMAN, TX --Dozens of people got up and moving at a gym, and along with their workout, they also helped out a good cause.

The Cross Fit Solus gym off F.M. 1417 and Taylor Street held a special workout on Saturday morning. The cost of participation was canned food donations for a Sherman food pantry.

Members of the gym turned out to run, jump, lift, and do sit-ups, as part of the exercise routine."The entry fee for the athletes was to bring in some canned foods, as you can see over there, and that's what we're going to share with the Share Ministries," says gym owner Dustin Suitors.

Kids also got in on the fun with their own quick workout, before taking a lap around the parking lot with their parents. The special "Workout of the Day" was also open to friends and family.