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Gender-Based Scholarships To Grayson College


DENISON, TX -- A new program at Grayson College will offer students scholarships based on their gender, in an effort to change what type of person goes into what field.

The $25,000 government grant encourages men to take courses in fields dominated by women and vice versa. For example, the scholarships could benefit a woman studying to be a computer tech or a mechanic, or a man who wants to be a nurse or secretary.

"You do have to apply for it," says Grayson College access and equity specialist Sandra Sibrian. "You just go through our same admissions process and then you can actually talk to one of our advisors about the Carl Perkins Grant."

Each student selected for the scholarship will get up to $1,500 to go toward tuition and course materials, Sibrian says. The college hopes to award the scholarships to about 20 students for the spring semester.