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Sherman Shop Damaged During Break-In


SHERMAN, TX -- The owner of a dog grooming shop says he is footing the bill after someone smashed through his front window and stole several items from the building.

The burglary happened at Dorothy's Poodle Salon on West Houston Street. Owner Rusty Schultz says someone broke out the front window, and when he went inside and surveyed his store, no animals or pet food appeared to be missing..

However, Schultz says the thieves took two laptop computers, cash, money from a tip jar, and a small power tool that the groomers use to cut the dogs' nails.

"I rode up Monday morning and my window was knocked out," says Schultz. "They evidently hit it pretty hard because I had glass all the way into the back of the building."

Schultz says the store is out $600 to replace the front window, plus the cost of the missing items. Police are investigating the burglary.