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First Annual Giving Tuesday


TEXOMA -- Its a new tradition that charities, families, and businesses are hoping people embrace as much as days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Its "Giving Tuesday."

Fans of Twitter have been hash-tagging the event all day #GivingTuesday.

It is a first this year, 2012, and it's a simple idea. Find a way for you to join in acts of giving.

Skylar Fulton, a bell ringer for the Salvation Army, has seen people take on this idea.

Have you had a lot of people give this morning? "Oh yes, plenty of people, um its kinda slow in the beginning, (she pauses to wish people a) "Merry Christmas."

Skylar's tips on getting people to give, "if you greet them with a smile, they always are willing to come."

Donating money to those in need is just one idea to give this Giving Tuesday.

The American Red Cross also encourages people to give, with their Holiday Giving Catalog which you can find on-line. You can buy gifts to send to those in need like our military or to poor families.

"We have care giving training, phone cards for the military, a full day of emergency shelter which includes 3 meals, 2 blankets and 1 cot and personal supplies. So your gift can be of any amount and it really means a lot and does a lot of good for others," explains Jim Durham the Executive Director of the American Red Cross.

"Families are in need cause there's a lot these days especially with all the jobs that have been cut out and everybody is just always searching for something just to survive these days," says Skylar.

For Skylar seeing people give, gives her hope.

"It makes you feel like people are actually better than what the news leads on to say, you know. Nice people in the world stick out," explains Sklar.

"Any gift of any amount really means a lot to someone else," says Durham.


To Shop From the American Red Cross Holiday Catalog, please visit their website or you can call 1-800-RED-CROSS.