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Texomans Feeding Families This Thanksgiving


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX-- While some of us sat down today to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast, others served families in Texoma. Several spots around town provided free dinners to anyone in need.

There was no shortage of helping hands today at Trinity United Methodist Church in Denison.

"We've been blessed very much here at this church and its our way giving back to the community," James Trainor said.

The tables were full as several Texomans came together to enjoy a warm Thanksgiving meal.

"It is just part of Thanksgiving for us. We couldn't imagine Thanksgiving any other way," Ray Tillman said.  

The lines were long at Victory Life Church in Sherman while several people waited for their free meal. Over 400 people received a dinner tonight thanks to the hard work and dedication of many volunteers.

Families here enjoyed good food, fellowship, games and even got to listen to a few guest speakers. And throughout all of the activity, many of today's guests still remembered to take the time to say what they are thankful for.

"We're thankful for my grandma," said Sophia Gardner.

Families that couldn't make it out today still received their dinners thanks to several volunteers who home delivered Thanksgiving meals.