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Deer Collision Near Denison Totals Car


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A Fannin County man survived a harrowing experience, when his car crashed into a deer on Highway 82, and officials say this type of accident is not uncommon in November.

Deer are more active because of mating season. One of our employees found that out the hard way. He was headed to the station when he came face to face with one of the animals in the middle of the road.

Working the early morning shift at KTEN, Adam Nicely is used to driving on Highway 82 in the dark. But last Wednesday around 3 a.m., his commute came to a screeching halt.

"I went to hit the brakes, I didn't even have time to react really, before I knew it the airbag was out," says Nicely.

Nicely says he was heading westbound at 70 miles per hour when he suddenly crashed into a deer that was crossing the road. "I hit the whole right side of it, it just completely ruined the front of my car," says Nicely.

The accident happened in a split second. The impact with the deer totaled the car but Nicely was able to walk away without a scratch. "It happened before I really even knew what was going on," says Nicely. "As soon as I saw it, it was already too late for me to stop or do anything."

Fannin County game warden Randolph McGee says it is no surprise that someone would hit a deer at this time of year. The animals are more active and seem to cover more ground during the mating season, known as "the rut."

"They mate one time of year, the white-tailed deer do, so that is the mating season right now about the week before Thanksgiving and the week of Thanksgiving is the peak time," says McGee.

"A lot of deer are traveling from property to property," says Trooper Mark Tackett. "A lot of them will cross the road and they tend to do that more at night, the best advice is slow down a little bit and watch the bar ditches."

Nicely says now he has to shop for a new car, but after experiencing the crash, he counts himself lucky that is all he has to deal with. "It could have been a whole lot worse, if it had gone through the windshield," says Nicely.

With the mating season peaking now, drivers are urged to be cautious and look out for deer, especially on rural roads and especially at night.