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Cordell's Picks: Durant head coach picks Oklahoma Playoffs

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DURANT, OK -- For the second straight year Durant head coach Byron Cordell gave us his picks for the third round in the Oklahoma High School football playoffs.

McAlester vs. Tulsa East Central, 7:30 Friday @ Muskogee

"McAlester is one of our district rivals, very well coached, good buddies with their coaching staff; but it's hard to go against East Central."

Ada vs. Clinton, 7:30 Friday @ Putnam City

"Two of the greatest programs in the state. The two are the winningest two in history as far as state championships. But you got to take the Ada Cougars playing on emotion."

Davis @ Adair, 7:30 Friday

"Coach Weber will get to keep growing his beard for a couple weeks. Davis will win it." 

Texhoma @ Elmore City-Pernell, 7:30 Friday

"Anybody that's got three initials, take them: ECP."

Ringling @ Wayne, 7:30 Friday

"Ringling's got a pink visitors locker room. Now they're going to Wayne, so Wayne probably painted their's the same color in Ringling's honor. So got to take Wayne, the defending state champions."

Wynnewood @ Thomas, 7:30 Friday

"I know both those head coaches; Good guys, great programs; Wynnewood's a lot closer, I take the Savages."

Cashion @ Talihina, 7:30 Friday

"Anybody from the mountains that's tough enough to live up there, you got to go with the Talihina Golden Tigers."

Fox vs. Pond Creek-Hunter, 7:30 Friday @ Del City

"Any place where you can be the superintendent and head football coach, have the mascot have the same name as the town, you have to go with them. Got to go with the Fox Foxes.