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Butterball Turkey Talk Line To The Rescue


For 32 years, the experts who staff the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line have been there for holiday cooks who have questions about how to prepare and cook their turkeys.

No question is too tough for these turkey talkers, who are professionally-trained, college educated home economists.

 Marty Van Ness, Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Supervisor, said "when that phone rings and we say 'Good morning, Butterball turkey Talk-Line, how can I help you?,' we don't know what we're going to get. But it's always a joy to answer those questions."

 Mary Clingman, Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Director, said many people are prepared for the holiday. But when something happens unexpectedly, like the stove stops working, they turn to the butterball talk-line. "All kinds of things can happen. You just name it. We could not have a list of every call that we get because it's just such a wide variety, which makes it fun for us, too."

 Butterball experts also share advice online.

 Clingman said "we have Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest. And then you can go live chat through the Butterball.com. Even, this year, we have a Butterball app. So we are so contemporary."

 Van Ness said most of the questions are from people cooking their first turkey "and that could be at age 19 where they're at college and they're with friends who aren't going home for the holiday. Or it could be someone who's 79 years old who is cooking her first turkey because she's always had her mother do it, then she always had her sister do it."

 More than a million cooks are expected to consult Talk-Line experts this holiday season.

1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372).