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Grayson County Joins New Program For Murder Cases


SHERMAN, TX -- Grayson County commissioners have approved a new way to handle death penalty cases.

The county will join a Regional Public Defender Office that is expected to cover about 30 counties. Each year, Grayson County will pay the office to defend those accused of capital murder who can not afford a lawyer.

Commissioners hope the program will save money when it comes to their most expensive cases. "If there's a death penalty case that comes up, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for the county," says District Attorney Joe Brown. "Not only to prosecute it, but for expert witnesses, for defense lawyers, and so this is money that the commissioners that will pay for, it's like an insurance policy."

In 2005, Brown says a murder case involving Andre Thomas cost $500,000 dollars to defend. Brown says the new program is expected cost the county less than $100,000 per year.