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Fm 1417 Exit Ramp to Move North


SHERMAN,TX--- The city of Sherman is pushing to expand business in the southern part of town. In August, the city council approved a resolution to move the southbound Fm 1417 exit ramp on U.S. Highway 75 to one mile north of it's current location.

The city of Sherman has two reasons for moving the exit ramp one mile north of its current location. The biggest one is safety.
"By moving that ramp further back away from that intersection we allow more room on the service road for traffic to be stored on the service road," Texas Department of Transportation Engineer David Selman said.

The city also says that moving the ramp will allow for better access to the "Sherman Crossroads." This area is a 141-acre plot of land that is set to be developed in the near future.
Monday night, city council passed the resolution that authorizes the city manager to sign the advanced funding agreement with TxDOT. This agreement states where the funding for this project is coming from and what will be constructed.
This project comes at no cost to property owners in the city. It will cost about $800,000 but TxDOT says they are funding half of this project and that the other half is coming from SEDCO and private funds.  

The next step in this process will begin in March.

"In March we will bring back an item that will authorize the city manager to disperse the funds to TxDOT," City of Sherman Engineer Clay Barnett said.

The city says construction will start after the funds are dispersed. They estimate the construction will take 6 to 9 months.