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A Blessing For Drivers This Holiday: Lower Gas Prices


TEXOMA -- Drivers across Texoma  tell us it's a blessing that gas prices have dropped.

"I'm very excited .. You bet and if it goes down any more I'll be even more excited," says Jerry Park, a customer who bought gas recently.

Gary Emberling is an excited businessman, "It makes my business a lot easier to do. I don't have to spend as much money cause I spend a lot of time driving between here and Dallas/Fort Worth."

The national  average for gas prices right now is $3.43 per gallon, which is up 11 cents from last year. Texas' average is $3.14 per gallon while Oklahoma is $3.08. And locally some gas prices have even dropped below the $3 mark.    

While diesel prices are just a little higher, customers like Jim Marlow, say they're happy too.

"Diesel is like $3.59 and yeah that's as good as its been in a long time."    

And the price drop came just in time as  many people are hitting the roads this week for Thanksgiving.

"My folks live in Dallas so we'll probably go down there," explains Gary Fallus.

"We are heading up to our cabin in the National Forest," says Marlow.

"Yes we are going to travel some but we were going to anyway so it hasn't changed anything but it will be much better if its cheaper," explains Park.

Troopers will also be hitting the road in  preparation for the extra traffic on the roads.

"We will have a high volume of state troopers on the roads. I know in many areas across the state days off have been canceled so we are working around the clock due to the heavier traffic volume," explains Trooper James Rycurt from Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

A few things to remember while driving to help keep you and others safe on the roadways is to limit your time on the cell phone while driving.

"So there are other people on the road doing the same thing so with more people not giving full time and attention to their driving there a higher likelihood of having an accident," explains Rycurt.

Also make sure you know where you are going before hitting the roadways.

"Pre plan your travel route so that way if you're using a GPS system or have it written down you're not making last minute turns or sudden movements on the road," says Rycurt.

Drivers may be thankful for the price of gas right now, but its just as important to drive carefully.

"Enjoy your holiday weekend and be safe," says Rycurt.