Holiday Shopping Kicks Off Early - - No One Gets You Closer

Holiday Shopping Kicks Off Early


SHERMAN,TX---This year's holiday season is predicted to be much better then last. The National Retail Federation predicts that holiday sales will up 4.1%.

To keep up with growing amount of shoppers many stores are hiring seasonal workers. The Sherman Kohl's says they have hired 15 employees, but that 9 more are needed. These employees are expected to work between 10 and 30 hours a week. 

Several moms walked through Kohl's today with their baskets piled high with holiday gifts. Most of them say their holiday shopping season has officially begun but that it is far from being over.

This year's calendar gives retailers the longest possible shopping season. The season includes 5 weekends and lasts about 32 days. A Bain consumer spending survey predicts that more then half of all consumers will be shopping this black Friday. However, several of the moms we talked to today say they are steering clear of the shopping frenzy.

"I don't like all the crowds that have to do with black Friday," said Rosie Bradley.

"Absolutely not I don't like the crowd," said Courtney Kiser.