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Plainview football star perseveres after mother's death


ARDMORE, OK -- Chase Brooks was getting ready to start his senior year of high school, when the unthinkable happened.

"In the blink of an eye, my number one supporter is taken from us. I think in that second our whole life changed," said Brooks.

Chase's mom passed away in a tragic boating accident over Memorial Day weekend.

Chase is a wide receiver and defensive back at Plainview and he knew at a moment like this he needed his coach by his side.

"After the accident, coach Berus was very supportive. He was here numerous times, with Chase and me. He's totally supportive. He came to the lake that next day," his father, Robert Brooks, said.

With the help of Coach Berus, Chase was able to use football to help him get through this hard time.

"I think having football at the beginning of school was my cure. I was able to be around all these guys that I consider brothers and these coaches who are like older family members. They really were just able to help me keep my mind off of it at times and when I was struggling they were all there for me. It made the whole situation a lot easier than it could've been."

Before he knew it, without much time to grieve, it was time for football season.

"The first game of course, he knew his mom wasn't there hollering for him. And I knew she wasn't sitting by me. But it was really tough on him and he struggled through that. But with the coaches that he has, have totally backed him and encouraged him. He leans on them for support when he's struggling," Robert said.

Chase has found a way to keep his mom with him every day.

"After the situation I though, I want to do something for her. So I put this one on the same arm. It says forever, for always and then it has her birth date and then where the dash is supposed to be it says life. and then it has the date that the wreck happened."

Chase knows that one day, he'll be able to find some positive in this very negative situation.

"The faith that my mom had, I can feel that carry over to both my dad and me. And I definitely think that I'm starting to find a little bit of purpose in it. Because I do believe that everything happens for a reason," he concluded.

Chase and the Indians will face Seminole in a second round playoff game Friday night at 7:30.