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Coal County Teen Speaks Out Against Bullies


LEHIGH, OK--- A Coal County teenager and his family are speaking out after the boy says he's been bullied for months. 16-year-old Brandon Hall says he hit his breaking point Tuesday night after a group of boys, who identify themselves as the Lehigh Boyz, shot at his car five times.

He says the group has been tormenting him for the last year and even forced him to drop out of school. He says they would regularly pick fights and curse at him between classes.

"I've never cared for fighting because I've always lived on a ranch. I just got tired of it and quit school and said I got other plans," said Hall.

He says Tuesday's incident is not the first time the group has damaged his property. Last year, he says they cut his fence and let out his cows and horses.

Around town you can see several stop signs and two water towers marked "Lehigh Boyz." 

The Cole County Sheriff's Office is urging anyone who has any information on this investigation to come forward.