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Murder Suspect Arrested Near Bonham


FANNIN COUNTY, TX -- A woman wanted for a murder in another state has been arrested in North Texas, and deputies in Mississippi say she was making her getaway.

Deputies in Jasper County, Miss., want to talk to the woman after they found her boyfriend dead and his car missing on Sunday. The man had been shot to death. Deputies say if the woman had not had car trouble, they are not sure how long it would have taken to find her.

Early Monday before 6 a.m., deputies got a call about a car on the side of Highway 82 between Ector and Savoy. "They went to check on the vehicle and found that when they ran the tags, that it had come back from Mississippi and found that it was a vehicle they were looking for in reference to a murder," says Fannin County Sheriff Donnie Foster.

Foster says deputies looked inside and saw the woman's drivers license, and they did not have to go far down the road to find her too. He says when her car broke down, she started walking and had gone about a mile and a half west toward Sherman when a deputy car pulled up.

"They found a female walking, they identified her as the person they were looking for in Mississippi, took her into custody and put her in our jail as a fugitive from justice," says Foster.

Deputies in Mississippi say Nancy Reaume, 27, is wanted in the killing of JL Tatum, 68. The retired realtor was found shot once, lying dead on the steps of a mobile home. They believe the two met a few years ago.

"They met in Colorado, which is where the suspect's from, my victim was a businessman there at that time," says Lt. Thad Windham of the Jasper County Sheriff's office.

Windham says the killing happened Sunday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. and they believe Reaume stole Tatum's car to make her getaway, but it broke down. Reaume refused to waive extradition and go back to Mississippi, which means two governor's offices must be consulted.

"Normally they will waive," says Windham. "To me, that just tells me that she's got something to hide, refusing extradition, but we won't know that until we get her back here."

Reaume is being held in the Fannin County Jail. She faces one charge of murder and one charge of auto theft. Foster says she did have a gun with her and the car has been impounded.