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Sulphur Dog Lovers Demand Answers From City Council


KTEN has been following the story about the conditions of the Sulphur Animal Shelter. Tonight Sulphur residents voiced their concerned at the Sulphur City Council meeting.

Animal lovers gathered at Tuesday night's Sulphur City Hall meeting to speak out for animals who can't speak for themselves. Dogs who Sulphur residents say are living in the Sulphur Animal shelter that doesn't even meet standards.

"I saw a metal building with one little heater that could only heat the first two kennels in the whole building, no insulation, cold, no fresh air unless you open up the big bay doors and a human had to be there to do was like a prison to me" according to one Sulphur resident.

A prison that animals who did no wrong and were neglected by their owners are forced to live in.

"It's nothing for the dogs there, the don't have adequate food, or ventilation"said Melissa Lapointe.  

@For four months volunteers have attended city council meetings demanding answers and with the winter temperatures coming these animal lovers want the city to act fast for man's best friend.

"Really we're just trying to get an answer, we have been on them since August when we made things official with them and we had a list of questions and possible reasons for help and what we're willing to offer" said Lapointe.

Volunteers say they're ready to help, but they can't move until city leaders say so. Community members say now they feel a change is going to come for their furry friends at the shelter.

"I'm very confident they are going to make changes, this is the first city council meeting that I have walked out of and felt that change is coming and its coming quickly" said excited dog lover Marie Womack.