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Quick Clean Up Prevents Diesel Spill Disaster


ARDMORE, OK --When a semi truck and pickup collided near an Ardmore truck stop, there were no injuries, but there was still one big mess.

"The concern is, once we determine that there are no injuries from the wreck, we're worried about the diesel fuel getting into the drain or the sewage system," said Ardmore Fire Captain Chad Mansfield.

As diesel poured from the punctured fuel tank, the concern over where it was going had major consequences.

"If it does get into the drains, it can particularly wind up in the water way, then it becomes a real big deal. If it contaminates the water way, then you're talking about almost impossible to get in there and get it cleaned up," said Walter Barkheimer.

Barkheimer works with HELP Management, Inc. Knowing the possibilities, he and his men got to work quickly.

"[We had to] get the fuel off the truck. It was leaking out of the truck and into the road. Keep it from getting into the drainage ditch, in the grass, and of course get the truck out of the way," said Barkheimer.

Managing the situation was a group effort. Police, fire and HazMat crews worked together.

"The fire department responded; they called us, then it went down pretty quick. They actually contained most of the spill before we got here," said Barkheimer.

"We carry a floor-dry on our trucks and our first arriving unit put some floor drive on the curb to keep it from going in- about 15 feet before going in," said Mansfield.

The cooperation stopped a full tank of diesel from causing anything but traffic delays, keeping Ardmore water safe.