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Local Boy Scouts serve those who served our country


SHERMAN, TX - Veterans and Boys Scouts share a love of country and their fellow man. Monday night while Troop 611 helped with the free military service members' dinner at Golden Corral. Boy Scouts admired the men who's foot steps they want to follow in, while veterans reflected on once upon a time when they were boy scouts.

It's the time of year when America remembers those who fought for our freedom, and Monday night, in a very packed restaurant in Sherman, that reminder resonates.

"I'm very proud to do this, to serve the people who have served me," said Boy Scout, Aaron Thornhill..

"They are tomorrow's leaders and they're learning how to serve now," said Veteran, Arlandres Tarvins. 

It's an annual tradition, a free dinner for military service members at Golden Corral.

As you look around, you'll see several generations of veterans, and even some future soldiers.

"My Grandpa is a Navy man, he was in the Navy for 30 years, retired, and my father was in the Army, and it's just kind of an influence, I just want to serve the country," Boy Scout Lane Hill said.

"I think it's good, it's a good experience because they have a lot to learn and they can learn a lot from people who've been a lot of different places," said Tarvins.

Troop 611 has been helping out at this event for 9 years now, and while the Boy Scouts admire the men they want to become, the veterans are reminded of the boys they once were.

"I was a boy scout myself when I was growing up, and I think they are learning what the American economy is. They'll grow up and they'll be young men to take over our place," Veteran, Don Hale.

"My second year here, one of the veterans came up to me and said the scout oath and scout and scout law to me and it really touched me," said Thornhill..