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I-35 Construction Detours Traffic In Gainesville




 Due to a scheduling conflict with a Monday night event in Gainesville, TxDOT has changed the timing on next week's closures on I-35.

 The NORTHBOUND lanes will be CLOSED Monday night, November 12, 2012 starting at 8:00 pm. All Southbound lanes will remain open Monday night.

All lanes of Northbound IH-35 will be reopened by 7:00 am Tuesday morning, November 13.

 Tuesday night November 13 all SOUTHBOUND lanes will be CLOSED beginning at 8:00 pm

Northbound lanes will remain open.

We will have all Southbound lanes reopened by 7:00 am on Wednesday morning November 13th

 I-35 will be opened up sooner in the mornings if possible.

 The detour is simple. Motorists will be taken off the freeway at US 82 and reenter the highway at the next entrance. Residents may want to avoid the area if possible.

 If wind, rain or frozen precipitation move into the area either night, the work will be rescheduled.