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City of Trenton Facing TCLEOSE Investigation


TRENTON, TX--- The Fannin County town of Trenton has gone more than a year now without a licensed Chief of Police. The city is now facing an investigation by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards.

TCLEOSE Director of Operations John Helenberg says the city is in violation of TCLEOSE's Education Code for going more than one year without a licensed Chief of Police.

"I don't have a Chief of Police appointed for them today, right now," Helenberg said.

The city's last chief, George Warren, was fired last October over allegations of official oppression. Since Warren was fired, the city has not replaced him with a licensed Police Chief. That's a violation of TCLEOSE's education code.

"They have to appoint somebody that is licensed as a peace officer to work in the state of Texas to be the Chief of Police," Helenberg said.

TCLEOSE gave the city a year to find a replacement. They say an agent met with Mayor Chris Stringer to file an initial report. We tried to reach Mayor Stringer several times Thursday to find out why the city hasn't appointed a new chief, but he never responded.

Now TCLEOSE says they will begin an investigation. When it's done, they will make a decision on what to do next.

"It just kind of depends on what the city says when we contact them," says Helenberg.  

Depending on what the investigator finds, the city could be facing some serious fines.

"The law gives us the authority to sanction an agency up to $1000 per day per violation, now if there's a fine imposed it would be running right now," Helenberg said.