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Truck Involved In Sherman Police Chase Burns


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A Cartwright woman was upset when she got back her truck that she says was involved in a high-speed police chase started by her brother.

Dodge truck owner Sarah Abrams says the truck, which was originally damaged in the chase, was destroyed by fire during the past month while in a police impound lot.

Abrams says that when a Sherman police officer tried to pull over her brother, Daniel Keigley, 47, of Cartwright, on Oct. 3, he stepped on the gas and a chase ensued. "That's what started the chase," says Abrams. "One officer pulled a gun on him while they pulled him over, and he thought they were going to kill him so he took off."

She says Keigley had stolen her keys, so she had reported the truck stolen. During the chase, police say he rammed officers cars and they shot at him, leaving at least one bullet hole that was still visible in the back passenger door of the truck on Wednesday. The chase continued on Highway 75 before ending in Denison after troopers put down spikes that deflated tires on the truck.

Abrams says she had spent a few days before the chase calling several police departments with ideas of where her brother had taken her truck, including a friend's house in Denison.

"The truck was there on three different occasions two days prior to this chase, and I talked to Grayson County one day prior to this chase and I talked to them on the day of the chase," says Abrams.

Abrams says that the next time she saw the truck was on Tuesday, when she picked it up from the Sherman Police Department and saw that it was burnt to a crisp.

"My truck was burned 10 days after they got it in custody," says Abrams. "They did not contact me for an additional two weeks and there's absolutely nothing left, none of my tools, my GPS system."

"I seen you all taking pictures of it when they was loading it up, and it wasn't burnt then," scrap yard owner Paul Taylor told our KTEN cameras.

Abrams says she used the pickup to work as an independent trucker, but now she has to borrow a car to get around. "I would like a truck, my truck, a vehicle, it was my livelihood," says Abrams.

According to police Lt. Ken Brooks, the fire marshal determined that the truck burned on its own due to a defective wire inside, and Abrams should receive insurance money since the vehicle was declared totaled. Brooks says it also caught a second vehicle on fire.

Daniel Keigley is being held in the Grayson County Jail on four charges of aggravated assault against a public servant, one count of evading arrest, and two counts of theft. His total bond was set at $5.1 million.