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Free Treat For Voters


SHERMAN, TX --- As Americans voting is a great way to exercise your rights and to help shape the future of your country. But its also a great way to get free dessert! The Olive Garden in Sherman is rewarding voters all election day with free Dolchini desserts.

"Well this is something that came across with the election. What we thought we might do is offer some Italian generosity for our guests that have gone out and voted today, " Olive Garden Service Manager, Kerry Bowden said.

Olive Garden is honoring every kind of voter. From the early ones to the out-of-state ones.

"I voted on the first day of early voting which was October 22nd," Misty Irvin said.

"Well I mailed it in last Tuesday because I knew I was going to come fly out here to see my cousins," Kim Rice said.

And you don't even need a voting sticker.

"I didn't even get a sticker but I get a Dolchini from Olive Garden," Danika Shipman said.

"I'm very excited about that because I do like the lemon Dolchini, its my favorite. He said he would honor it even though I did vote early," Misty Irvin added.

Choosing which dessert you want will be the second hardest decision you'll make all day.

"I like the chocolate mousse one. Oh the strawberry shortcake, well the lemon one...all of them! The lemon one's good! They're all good," Danika Shipman said.

Olive Garden will be serving the free desserts for the rest of Election night.