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Pottsboro Man Arrested After Marijuana Found At House


POTTSBORO, TX -- Deputies busted a man who they say was growing marijuana inside his house.

Sheriff's Office deputies arrested Steven Rosenbaum, 48, at his home on Chrissa Drive on Monday night. Investigators say they found about 5 pounds of marijuana worth about $15,000 dollars in rooms throughout the house, and say that they could even smell the marijuana from the open garage door.

Deputies executed a search warrant and also seized Rosenbaum's car, which allegedly contained a small amount of methamphetamine.

According to Sheriff's office Lt. Ricky Wheeler, Rosenbaum told deputies that he has cancer and was using the marijuana for himself, but authorities do not believe that is true.

"The way he had it packaged up there at the house, he had it packaged in individual bags as if he was going to sell it, and then we had information that he was selling in the past," says Wheeler.

Rosenbaum was taken to the Grayson County Jail on two drug possession charges. His bond is set at $15,000 dollars.