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High Turnout in Bryan County for Early Voting


DURANT, OK -- Election day is now less than 24 hours away. A lot of people though have taken advantage of the early voting, especially in Bryan County.

People started lining up early this morning at the Election Board Office off 16th Avenue in Durant.

Officials say turnout is about what they expected for a Presidential Election.

"I've been in this place since they've been here about 5 years and its never been like this," explains Sheila Risner who is an employee at the Senior Citizen Center across the street.

People lined up patiently today to cast their early vote. It was much the same Friday.

"I left here at 5:20pm, they are suppose to close at 6pm and it was all the way out to the road parked just like this when I left work and it was that way all day and I heard it was that way on Saturday also," says Risner.

Election officials say 526 people voted Friday and another 306 on Saturday.

"I was really surprised at the turnout, the line has really been long everyday," says Betty Davis who came out to vote early in Bryan County.

Voters we talked to waited in line up to an hour to cast their early vote.

"Because you see its out to the road here, well they've got a long hall and you vote right down in here so that line is really a lot longer," explains Risner.

Despite the long lines people didn't seem to mind the wait.

"Everyone's gotten a big turnout its all busy so maybe we'll get results," says Johnny Williams who also came out early to vote.

The Secretary of the Election Board Office has some tips for people coming out to vote tomorrow:

"Identification is required, they need to bring either their voter I.D. that is given from the Election Board Office or driver's license or state I.D." says Linda Fahrendorf.