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Dog Lovers Fight Cancer Through Puppy Up!


DENISON, TX--- Hundreds of Denison residents made their way out to Puppy Up! Sunday afternoon. Dogs and their owners participated in a charity walk around Waterloo Park.

The event had music, food, prizes and several Denison businesses were present. All the money raised today's walk will go to 2 Million Dogs. This is an organization that is committed to fighting cancer in people and dogs. They host walks all over the county they say that they can be very therapeutic to people who have dealt with cancer.

"They come up to me and they will say I'm so glad you're doing this I just lost my dog to cancer or I have a dog that just got diagnosed with cancer and you know you hear it everyday," Texoma Puppy Up! Coordinator Pamela Pyle said.

All the money raised Sunday will go to finding the link between dog and human cancer. For more information on how to donate, you can do to the 2 Million Dogs website,