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Fire Destroys House In Denison


DENISON, TX -- A fire destroyed a house across the street from Munson Stadium, leaving several residents without a home.

It happened around 10 a.m. on West Crawford Street.  Fire officials say one woman hurt her ankle after she and another resident jumped out of an upstairs window. She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Firefighters remained on the scene for a few hours and the fire did not spread to any adjoining buildings. Several people who live in four apartments inside the house lost their possessions. The Red Cross is helping the residents.

Denison resident John Ricks says he was outside working in someone's yard, when he got a call and rushed home to his apartment. "I stop working, come back, see it on fire," says Ricks.

"It's a blessing from God that he wasn't there," says Ricks's sister Sherri Johnson. "I hate that he lost everything, but you know, possessions can be replaced, but you can't replace a life."

Firefighters were called to the house across the street from Munson Stadium around 10 a.m. on Saturday, where one woman was hurt jumping out. "They had her jump off because she couldn't come down any other way, the fire was engulfed right behind her," says witness Lonnie Buckner.

"Due to the construction of the building, it went up the walls very quickly to the attic, so we had to back out and go defensive," says Denison Fire Department Battalion Chief Harley Davis.

Once it started the fire quickly ate through the house, which has four apartments, destroying the place and leaving residents wondering what to do next.

Witnesses watched as the fire burned, and one of the residents says they even came to his aid. "One of them gave me a T-shirt and a pair of shoes and $40, and a little girl handed me $7 and apologized that's all she had," the victim says.

"I think when the roof fell in was probably the worst, the air got in there, pretty much sent a fireball up in the air," says witness Jordan Smith.

Johnson says Ricks lost everything including his good church clothes, but he calls it a minor setback. "It ain't gonna stop me from believing, because just as sure as he gave me that right there, he's give me some more," says Ricks. "I'm gonna get on with my life and i'm going to praise God every chance that I get."

The cause of the fire is under investigation.