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Sherman Students Pick Obama In School Election


SHERMAN, TX -- The final weekend of the presidential campaign is here, but when it comes to convincing one group of voters, both candidates are out of luck.

Students at Fairview Elementary School have already held their election for who they believe should win the race, and they picked President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.

"The people, they were really excited to vote, because they were like, 'I didn't know I could do this, I thought I had to be 16!'" says Romney supporter Marie Matey.

Several fourth graders who make up the student council worked the polls and counted the ballots. "We kind of called them down whenever we were ready for them in grade level order, but some people were a little late and it blocked it up," says Romney supporter Hogan Harris.

Supervised by the fourth graders who make up the student council, students from kindergarten through fourth grade went up to the voting booth to make their choice known.

"They would fill out their form and then they would receive their voter registration card and they came to the judges we had set up and they would check in," says teacher Ashley Gaulden.

Student council members separated the votes, with one table for Obama and one for Romney.

"I voted for Mitt Romney because he doesn't believe in bad things and he's just a really nice person," says Matey.

"He's Republican and in class we learned about the stuff that he did and I liked the stuff that he did," says Romney supporter Cade Roller.

While Romney drew plenty of followers, there were also plenty of kids who thought Obama should have a second term.

"I voted for Barack Obama because he's a great man and very intelligent and I know he could help out the United States," says Obama supporter Emily Bard.

"I think that everything is going really well for him," says Obama supporter Ryan Dobbs. "I think that he's a good businessman and he runs things well."

In the end, Obama won the vote of the student body with 220 votes to 144 for Romney.

"It doesn't matter who wins, so if the president you don't want wins, that doesn't mean you move to another country," says Bard.

If all that wasn't enough excitement for one day, some of the students also got to take a limo ride to Cici's Pizza as a reward for getting lots of people to buy in a fundraising contest.