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Kids Give Back at Treats for Troops


DENISON, TX--- Halloween candy poured in by the pound today as several trick-or-treaters lined up to give their Halloween candy to a good cause. And while some might think it was hard for the kids to give up their candy, Dalijah Beasley says it was not.

"I was driving down here and I asked my mom is she has the kind of feeling that I have right now about giving my candy to the troops that don't have that much and I felt kind of good," Beasley said.

She's not alone.

"Giving my candy to the troops makes my heart feel good," Byron Parks said.

"I wanted to do something nice for the troops," Katlyn Bang said.

"They're away from home and I think it will make them feel better," Nathan Omayebu said.

Hosted by Lake Texoma Dental Care, kids received a dollar per pound of candy.

A jump house, games and raffle wheel were just some of the fun activities kids participated in Thursday afternoon. A table was also set up for anyone who wanted to write a letter to the troops.

"We have little cards that they can write a note to or draw a picture for them. They really like to do that," Valerie Shields said.

All the candy collected today is going to troops who currently deployed overseas.

"The kids that come are really proud to come and do this, they're really excited to make a connection with someone that's over there in another place defending our country," Steven McAnaey said.

More than 500 pounds of candy was donated last year. The largest donation given today was 33 pounds. If you still have left over candy Lake Texoma Dental will be taking candy thru the rest of the week.