Hurricane Sandy Slams Northeast - - No One Gets You Closer

Hurricane Sandy Slams Northeast


NEW YORK CITY, NY - Winds and waves from Hurricane Sandy have already topped barriers and flooded streets as it makes it's way into New Jersey and New York City. 

There are reports of as much as 4 feet of water in subway tunnels, and cars completely submerged on the streets.

The storm is expected to continue to do damage as it moves inland Monday night.

The hurricane continues to churn along the Atlantic coast.  Searing winds, pounding rain, and violent waves are already causing problems. 

Thousands of people continue to pack up and pull out moving to higher ground or shelters outside of the strike zone as Sandy moves in. 

Mandatory evacuations are in place in coastal communities across several states.  At least 375,000 have been evacuated from their homes in lower Manhattan.  Schools are closed and public transit is shut down.

"I can't stress enough that this is for your own safety," said New York Mayor Bloomberg at a press conference Monday.

President Obama added his voice to so many warning millions along the path of the storm to be prepared... "My first message is to all the people across the eastern seaboard, mid-Atlantic, going north, that you need to take this very seriously."

But the window of opportunity to board-up or gather-up supplies to last for a week or more without power has just about passed.

On Monday Sandy made landfall and turned toward the Jersey shore.

"By tomorrow evening, the combination of rain, the flooding and the winds, are going to make this a very difficult event to deal with," said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Difficult, and dangerous conditions that could continue for days.