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Death row inmate appeals his conviction in Grayson County


SHERMAN, TX - A man sitting on death row, convicted of murdering 4 men in 1983, is hoping new DNA evidence will change his fate.

An appeal trial for 64 year old Lester Lee Bower started in Grayson County today.

In 1984 Bower was convicted in the murders of 4 men at an airplane hangar on a ranch east of Sherman.

Authorities say, it happened when the other men surprised Bower, while he was trying to steal an ultra-light plane.

Bower has been on death row for 28 years.

Today the court heard several testimonies, including one from Bower himself.

Judge Jim Fallon is expected to rule on whether new DNA evidence will exonerate Bower.

Bower's attorney is also asking the judge to consider a motion that the state didn't turn over all the evidence collected in the case and that jurors were not allowed to consider that evidence during trial.

Trial will continue tomorrow and Bower's wife is expected to take the stand.

The DA's office says if the judge upholds the conviction, a new execution date will be set in 2 to 3 months.