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Bomb threat scare at Bonham VA Hospital


BONHAM, TX - A local veterans hospital was forced into a lock down for more than 2 hours today after a man called and said some very scary words.

Around 1:00 this afternoon a woman working at the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center in Bonham says she answered a very eery call.

The caller on the other end said, "bomb, there's two shooters."

The caller then repeated it again and hung up before the woman could ask any questions.

Bonham Police, Fannin County Sheriff's Deputies, VA Police and OHP helped lock down the campus while they searched for any signs of bombs or shooters.

The VA center's management says by 3:30 they had searched every inch of every building and found nothing.

Clemons says she's worked at the VA center for more than 30 years and she can't ever remember having to deal with a bomb threat.

She says the VA Police are investigating to figure out who made the call.