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Balloons Flying High in Celina


The thermometer has dipped in the past couple days, but don't let that stop you from having some fun outdoors this weekend!

If you'd like to see some hot air balloons up close and personal, head down to Celina, TX on Friday and Saturday for the Celina Balloon Festival! Though it might be a little too windy to see many balloon flights on Friday, there are plenty of other family fun activities going on at the festival, including crafts, a costume contest, and an American Indian Tribe demonstration.

Lots of fun events will be going on all day Saturday as well, and expected lighter winds on Saturday should allow for more balloon flights by then! Meteorologist Stephen Nehrenz got a chance to talk to Richard Ret, the Balloon Master for the festival, about what it's like to fly a hot air balloon and what kind of flights will be going on at the festival.

For more information on the Celina Balloon Festival, visit The festival is being held at the Old Celina Park at 12670 FM 428 in Celina. Up, up, and away!