40k Drug Bust in Marshall County


Marshall County--- A Dallas man has been arrested by the Marshall County Sheriff's Office on charges of distribution of a controlled synthetic drug. He is now being held in Marshall County jail after undercover sheriff's deputies say he sold them large amounts of K2 products.

The sheriff's office confiscated the 12 pounds of K2 Thursday morning. They say the bust is a result of several community tips that unusual activity was happening at a Lebanon store.

Deputies say the undercover buy was made at the Lebanon Corner Store.

"We were able to arrange for a buy today and this is the result of that buy. What you see before you is $10,000 worth of synthetic drug products that we purchased with a street value of $40,000," Undersheriff Donny Raley said.  

The sheriff's deputies say they bought 12 pounds of K2 products from 55-year-old Sikander Olympia.

"He is alleged to be one the largest suppliers in the area of the synthetic narcotics," Raley said.

When Olympia arrived at the store, deputies arrested him and confiscated the products. Bob Marley, Gorilla Dro, Red Eye and Wolf Pack are just a few of the street names of the drugs confiscated. They are imported from Mexico and China. Deputies believe they're being packaged for distribution in a Dallas warehouse.

K2 is a man-made chemical that is typically smoked. Raley says it is highly addictive and that it's effects are similar to smoking methamphetamines.

"This is pure chemical that is sprayed on potpourri and it is so dangerous," Raley said.

"There's probably been at least three or four cases in the last two years just from here of juvenile, school age kids, overdosing on it," said sheriff's deputy David Jones.

Raley says the drugs became popular two years ago because they couldn't be detected in a drug test. The sheriff's office hopes to bring in the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency because the investigation spans two states.

This investigation has been tied to a previous investigation that happened in June at the same corner store. Investigators say K2 was being bought and sold by the store's owner. They say that owner wasn't involved with Thursday morning's bust.

Olympia is being held without bond. He will make his first appearance in Marshall County District Court Friday morning.

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